Monday, November 29, 2010

Captions for the last downloaded pictures

Professor Linda and Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah, former WIU African-American Studies Department Chairperson and my host at Kwara State University where he is Vice-Chancellor (or the President), at the International Visitors Dinner at his home in the compound where I lodged during my stay.

Professor Phil (omena) Okeke-Ihejirika, The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (Development and Migration Studies - Women's Studies Program), on sabbatical at KWASU assisting with faculty development in the area of research and grant writing - who was my roommate in the lodge on the grounds of the former governor's residence.  Great gal and very smart!  This shot taken to email to her two daughters back home in Canada with their dad; mom missing them a lot!

The Tantilizer fast food restaurant, WITH a small play area ala McDonald's (!); native foods along with KFC-type fried chicken and some kind of meat burger!  Not a recommended spot for my return visit!

Yep, not all of Nigeria is flat; scene on the drive through the limestone state on our way to Abuja.

Rams in a village area awaiting purchase for slaughter and sharing in celebration of the Muslim holiday November 16-17.

Yep, red soil!

One of the MANY religious buses always on the road, this one jockeying with my driver Gani and me in the university car for space on the road during that 2.5 hour traffic jam outside of Abuja November 12.

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