Sunday, October 31, 2010

...forgot the "football" bus...

One of the pictures just posted is of the Butola Babes soccer bus.  As you probably know "football" is BIG in Africa!  Just happened to walk by apparently the bus driver's house on my way here today.

These pictures so far don't really show the extreme contrasts that I see here.  This hotel has a lovely swimming pool and athletic center, as well as this computer center, a restaurant with good food, and the bar-n-grill that I have mentioned before.  It would be comparable to many in the US.  Then just down the street is Yoruba Market Street where the baby's picture was taken, which is one little hut after another with people making a sustence living selling all kinds of things (food and stuff from China, the primary exportor to Nigeria), where meat is open to the air with flies all over it, babies crawling around in filth, plastic bags (called nylons) all over the place, people following this white woman around saying "Ma" (term of respect) and showing me what they want me to buy.

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